ARTS & SCIENCE encompasses a brand and seven shops, all based in Tokyo. Here founder and creative director, Sonya Park, a celebrated stylist, has crafted a world in which fashion is a foundation and essential component of her larger devotion to the art of daily life. To wear, to dwell, to eat, and to do so with discernment is at the heart of A&S.

Through her own originally-produced collection as well as her careful selections from the craftspeople and designers she reveres, Sonya offers her clients a surprisingly useful and human experience of luxury. An object of genuine quality takes its first breath in the skill of the maker and the character of its materials, but this is only the beginning of a long life of maturation. Over time it is invested with personal value and becomes something close to a collaborator in the daily life of an individual, and, in this way, it is further perfected by its age and its use. This understanding of quality leads Sonya to profess that fashion is a tool for living rather than a tool for vanity, and her philosophy is evident in all aspects of the A&S brand and her selections.

The original A&S clothing collection is rooted in exceptional examples derived from vintage work wear (usually designed for men) as well as ethnic clothing and textile traditions. These, Sonya believes, are the basis of all good fashion ideas. Comfort is crucial as are materials that age well, such as vintage denim, when clothes are treated as tools to be really worn and used. In pursuit of such qualities, Sonya has cultivated close collaborations with highly specialized, Japanese artisans working in the native traditions of textile manufacture and tailoring.

The six A&S shops, each devoted to a specific area of the collection, are strongly rooted in sensory experience and aim to reanimate the pleasure of seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, and tasting in contemporary culture. These experiences are, after all, the essence of human life and the basis for cultivating and discerning quality in our tools for living.